Client Testimonials


Our extensive client list spans across multiple industry sectors and can be found in various counties around the world. Check out below what our customers have to say about us!


Britax PMG Ltd – Part of the ECCO Safety Group

“My first impression of the system was that it just looked so easy to use and user-friendly.”


“We spoke to several providers and had site visits, and we came to the conclusion that the Softworks solution was the most flexible and user-friendly. “The Softworks system has made everything more efficient and less time consuming, and we can get instant information from the system. We find it a very user-friendly system in that once you’ve taken someone through the basic training they don’t have any problems.”

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

“We had become aware that there were many indirect costs associated with absenteeism such as staffing, scheduling, re-training, lost productivity etc. and we wanted to find out exactly what these costs are, in each location. The extensive reporting capabilities of the system will give us access to attendance information and allow us to determine the reasons for absenteeism and its associated costs.”


“We see ourselves as pioneers and Softworks appeared to be an innovative company, committed to continual improvements and one which would grow with us. We were confident that Softworks had the ability to handle all of our complex rules and felt it was the right choice.”

Dublin Bus

“When we first saw a demonstration of the system, we felt this was a system that we needed and could easily use. The menus are very clear and the links flow logically. While it wasn’t the cheapest system we looked at, I believe you get what you pay for and we have got a good, user friendly solution that has delivered what it said it would.”


“Since Softworks has been installed, I have been able to get a handle on holidays, overtime, absenteeism and time lost. It is also a very useful tool to ensure that all employees are compliant with the Working Time Directive – taking a lot of administrative effort out of a potentially onerous task. The system is very straightforward and it does what I want it to do.”

TEVA Pharmaceuticals

“It really is an excellent management tool and more importantly is very easy to use!” “Our weekly payroll process has now been reduced to a 1 day process which is incredible. “The system saves us a huge amount of time, hassle and stress around audit time. Before Softworks we used to dread the auditors coming because it would take us such a long time to get the documentation together, now all information is to hand by a simple click of an icon.”

Blarney Woollen Mills

“Their time and attendance system satisfied all of our requirements and after speaking to other companies where the Softworks system was operating live, we were convinced that Softworks provided an excellent fit with our current infrastructure and the system’s flexibility, ease of use, security as well as Softworks excellent project-management services and value for money, were an added bonus.”

D.I.D. Electrical

“We chose Softworks because having spoken with a number of companies and with my own experience of competitors HR packages I felt that Softworks would be the best solution provider to D.I.D Electrical. From the outset, Softworks were more professional in their approach to the sales pitch, the demonstration and the all round customer care. At D.I.D Electrical our core purpose is to “Create Customer Loyalty by Delivering Superior Customer Service” – Softworks computing, thus far, have delivered superior customer service so a partnership between both market leaders is the logical conclusion.”

Beaumont Hospital

“Human resource and payroll staff no longer deal with as many routine questions as before. This decentralisation has freed up key time and allows personnel focus on more important issues which at the end of the day benefit staff, and therefore, the patients.” “At Beaumont, we are continuously striving to improve the way we deliver care and enhance the environment in which staff work. Softworks is helping us achieve this goal.”

Herman Miller

“Their support was very good, they could connect to our system remotely. They were never afraid to say that they would call back once they have confirmed certain points; they thrived on our peculiar requests! All the usual small problems were easily ironed out.”

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